How to beat the post-holiday blues

post-holiday bluespost-holiday blues
post-holiday bluespost-holiday blues


How to beat the post-holiday blues

Everybody seems to be preparing for the festive season. Whether they’re booking their leave or their company closes for the holidays, they’re already planning how to spend all that free time. And, since the tourists are coming to Cape Town, many Capetonians are booking their flights out of here. And they couldn’t be more excited. They’re looking forward to sight-seeing, experiencing different views and, of course, taking a guilt-free bath somewhere that still has water.

However, with all the excitement that comes with the festive season, nobody really thinks about what’s going to happen when they get back home. Every year people board their flights with adventure in mind and then expect to return to everyday life as though they never left. And every year, holiday-goers return home and fall into the trap of the post-holiday blues.

This may seem like something you’re only going to have to deal with come January. However, just like you’re preparing for that festive season trip now, you have to prepare for what’s going to happen when you return. Start thinking about it now, keep the following advice in mind, and you’ll find it a lot easier to return to your daily life in the Mother City.


First of all, remind yourself why you love Cape Town

You obviously love the Mother City. Why else would you live here? So, remember all the reasons you adore the Western Cape when you return from your holiday. Make sure to book an extra two or three leave days for when you return. You need to ease back into being at home and your holiday being over. Going straight back to work will only worsen those post-holiday blues.

And then use those leave days to visit all your favourite places in your hometown. Start with anywhere that offers good food and a fantastic view of Table Mountain. After all, it holds a special place in every local’s heart. Then, as it’s summer and the tourists have left, take a visit to one of our blue flag beaches. Lie on the beach, go for a swim or watch the sunset over cocktails – it’s up to you.

End off your leave days by visiting your favourite place in the city you call home. This can be anywhere that brings you joy, whether it’s a wine farm or a park in the suburbs. It could be somewhere you enjoyed spending time as a child or the place where you go when life gets stressful. After all this, you’ll be back in love with Cape Town and happy you’re home.   


Have a personal project

Once you’re back at work, you may be tempted to spend your weekends sleeping late and lazing in front of the TV. But that’s no way to beat the post-holiday blues. Instead, start an exciting personal project. Choose something you’ve been wanting to do but have been putting off for various reasons. Now’s the time to stop procrastinating and get started. If you don’t have a project in mind, here are some ideas.


Build a wooden deck. If you have a garden, it’s no doubt looking dull and uninviting with the water crisis we’re in. And it’s unlikely you’ll be able to nurse your grass and flowerbeds back to life anytime soon. Which is why wooden decking is such a great idea. It’s a feature you can add to make your garden more inviting without the use of water. And it’s not as difficult to build one of these as you may think it is. Obviously, you should follow instructions set out by professionals who know what they’re talking about and not “wing it”. Just because you made a bench without any planning, that doesn’t mean you can put together an entire wooden deck without instructions.


Create something. If you’re not good with your hands and don’t want to be outside sweating in the sun, why not get creative? You could take up painting, work on short stories, pick your camera back up and remind yourself of that time you fancied yourself an amateur photographer. The options are endless. And you don’t even need to be talented, you just have to want to enjoy the process. Nobody has to see the finished product if you don’t want them to.


Learn something. Have you always wanted to learn a new language? What about sharpening your coding skills? Or perhaps you want to take a project management course to help you get that promotion at work? There are loads of options out there and you don’t even have to go to classes if you don’t want to. There are many free short courses available online for you to choose from.


Whatever you choose to do, start thinking about it now and keep all these suggestions in mind for when you return from your holiday.


post-holiday blues